14 March 2013


What an excellent day for a gag manga.
Happy White Day! On valentine's day you get chocolates and flowers, so on white day you return the sentiment with heartfelt gifts of sports and horror ...right? I think that's how it works. Yes.
chapter 99 - Soccer
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chapter 172 - Papa the Exorcist
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Speaking of valentine's day though, how about that previous release we did? The one right underneath this post, with the jokes about cashing in on valentine's day and the jokey jokes about romance manga and the jokingest jokey joke subtitles I gave the chapter releases. Well, this may come as a shock, but those joke titles were, in fact, JOKES -- obvious ones at that, at least that's what I thought. Since they were in all-caps. And in parentheses. And were totally goddamn ridiculous. That didn't stop a few manga reader sites listing them as the full titles though! ...um, they were jokes, guys.

If you just want to scan for download links and titles, the completed page is where you want to be. I promise it is a joke-free zone where all things facetious will wither and die (OF LOVE).

14 February 2013


Happy Valentine's day! I trust you've spent the day productively, thronged with blooming roses and iridescent bubbles whilst you delicately blush your way through many charming misunderstandings born of an inability to honestly and directly express your attraction to another human being. You sicken me, you imaginary shoujo scum, but we at PUNCHLINE are not above opportunistic and misleading re-branding to get those valentines hits -- so forget everything you knew about strange gag manga, because on this, the most romantic of days, we bring you two sweeping romantic tales!

**MARCH EDIT** The parts in parentheses and in all-caps are jokes. JOKES.

chapter 141 - The Lullaby of the Asuka Period (OF LOVE)
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vol 2 extra - Pull Through to China (AND INTO MY ARMS SO I CAN KISS YOUR FACE FOREVER)
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Oh fine, they're not romantic at all, but they do feature ~*~laundry gone awry~*~ (swoon!) and a ~*~sing-a-long for lunatics~*~ (uwah!) and these guys:

Orange Mocha Gyaguccinos!
The closest thing this series has to main characters, the Asuka period crew. The core members: Taishi, Imoko, Fish Takenaka (and Taishi's horrible dog), perfectly encapsulate Gag Manga Biyori in all its nonsensical glory. In fact the reason this release was so delayed was because of how long it took to research and rewrite and manhandle some sense out of Taishi's seemingly stupid song in the lullaby chapter. Conclusion: no hidden references, no clever wordplay, it's just that stupid.

Gag Manga Biyori: it's just that stupid. Enjoy!

31 January 2013


Preview of chapter 144. Seriously.

The 4koma (four-panel comic) is a common manga format, but as a modern person living in the hyper-digital future-now of today do you really have the time to invest in a story that stretches over four endless panels? Of course you don't! You've got things to do! Thumbs to up! Zooms to pinch!

Have no fear, the 2koma is here. GONE is the antiquated notion of joke development. GOODBYE novel story twists. GTFO thematic coherence. So what's left? 2 panels, all gag, no filler. BOOM! There's your set-up! BAM! There's the punchline! Then on to the next one, because stopping for even a second to make sense of what you've read would be living in the past, and that's not how we roll in the hyper-digital future-now.

We've got three chapters for you here, but they're only one or two pages each.

chapter 144 - Care Free 2koma
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chapter 146 - Peaceful 2koma
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chapter 171 - Let's Go 2koma
If you've read an old release of chapter 170 by a different group you may have already seen this one, this is because the numbering during its original run wasn't very clear. We're working from the tankobon though, so we know this is officially 171. This actually becomes a problem later on, with other volume 9 releases having the wrong chapter number, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Download: [mediafire] [sendspace]

Props to Shrimpy for the translation on that one.

Also props to whoever is uploading our releases onto manga reader sites like mangafox, etc. We want to bring this series to a wider audience and getting it out there where people will actually see it is a huge help. Some other groups have rules for stuff like this, which is just adorable, but we certainly don't. PUNCHLINE encourages you to post our work anywhere and everywhere. Thanks!